Millennium Surgical Center

Burlington Anesthesia Associates is proud to provide anesthesia care at Millennium, a state of the art same day surgery center.   At Millennium, the most common procedures are pain management treatments and a variety of orthopedic surgeries.

The center will typically call the patient after the procedure has been scheduled to gather pertinent medical information.  This information will be reviewed in advance by a member of Burlington Anesthesia Associates to make certain that everything is in order prior to the day of surgery.  If your surgeon prefers, a member of Burlington Anesthesia Associates will be delighted to meet with you in advance at the center to address any special questions or concerns.

On the day of your procedure, you will meet the anesthesiologist who will review your history and concerns with you.  Also, the anesthesiologist will explain the anesthesia options for your surgery.  Anesthesia care will be provided in state of the art same day surgery operating rooms.

Aside from intraoperative anesthesia care, Burlington Anesthesia Associates offers a number of options for postoperative pain management including ultrasound guided regional nerve blocks.

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