Obstetric Anesthesia Anesthesia for Your Very Special Day


Epidural Analgesia for Labor and Delivery
The majority of labor patients at Virtua Memorial Hospital choose to have epidurals for comfort. Epidural anesthesia involves placing an injection in the lower back with a special needle and inserting a very fine little tube through the needle to be left in place during labor. This form of comfort can be made to last as long as the labor does.


Anesthesia for C-Section
C-section involves delivering the baby through an abdominal incision. This can be a scheduled and planned procedure or circumstances during labor may require for one to be done. This, of course, is a decision made be you and your obstetrician. There are a number of anesthesia options for this type of delivery


Burlington Anesthesia Associates is dedicated to making your birthing experience happy and comfortable. We sincerely intend to help make it a most joyous occasion. We are available to provide care for you at all times, every day of the year, every hour of each day. There is always at least one member of our group in the hospital. We are available to provide pain relief for labor as well as anesthesia care for C-sections. Most patients at Virtua Memorial hospital have some type of anesthetic. There are some patients who choose to have natural child birth.

If you or your Obstetrician has questions or concerns about anesthesia issues,
we would welcome you to come in and meet with us prior to your due date.