Post Operative Pain Management / Follow-Up

There are a number of options that can be provided to maximize your comfort after surgery.   Pain after most surgery can be treated with either intravenous pain medicines or oral pain medicines.  This is the simplest option but generally pain is improved but not always eliminated.   Often depending on the nature of the procedure, the surgeon can place a local anesthetic or numbing medication in the incision.   This works well but only lasts a limited amount of time.

Burlington Anesthesia Associates offers a state of the art regional nerve block program.  With regional nerve blocks it may be possible to greatly reduce and in some cases even eliminate the pain after certain types of surgery.

For certain major abdominal and chest procedures, it may be possible to provide continuous epidural anesthesia.  This is something which can be discussed with your surgeon and your anesthesiologist when we meet you.

For many orthopedic operations involving the shoulder, the arm, or the leg it may be possible to provide an ultrasound guided regional nerve blocks.   This should be discussed with both your surgeon and anesthesiologist to determine if this is a good choice for you.