Virtua uses a nationally recognized survey, Press Gainey, sent to all its patient to assess their satisfaction with their overall care.  Regarding anesthesia care,  our anesthesiologists were ranked in the 94th percentile for their friendliness and effectiveness of their explanations to patients.  They were ranked in the 90th percentile for concern for the comfort of labor patients.

From these surveys, there have been numerous comments made from our patients about our care.  The following remarks have been made by actual patients.  However for privacy and confidentiality reasons, these comments have been kept anonymous.

  "The physician (DeLuca) & anesthesiologist and rest of operation until were excellent."
  "Anesthesiologist and physician were very nice and seemed very skilled & knowledgeable."
  "Our anesthesiologist was fantastic! He responded to our every need and concern. I felt more at ease thanks to him, Dr. Balzer, during my C-Section."
  "Nurse anesthetist was exceptional."
  "The anesthesiologist was very thorough."
  "Dr. Tatz and staff were excellent in the care of my concern of the anesthesia given to me during surgery."
  "Dr. Joshua Schwartz was excellent!!"
  "Anesthesiologist were wonderful very thorough."
  "I was very happy with anesthesiologist. Usually they are not very personable. He was very caring. So was the nurse."
  "Pre surgical nurses & anesthesia were GREAT."
  "The anesthesiologist, nurse anesthetist, and physician all made the experience comfortable."
  "The anesthesiologist - very pleasant lady."
  "Anesthesiologist put me and my family at ease."
  "Anesthesiologists were very friendly and comforting."
  "Anesthesiologist was excellent, professional, kind, caring and fun, yes fun. I felt very very comfortable."
  "The anesthesiologist was great as well as all the nurses I met."
  "Everyone was great. Anesthesiologist Linda Fagan & Candace, CRNA."
  "After my procedure, I had vomiting-anesthesia-a doctor was walking down the hall and came over to us-the nurse was helping me – and just patted my shoulder. It was comforting."
  "Yes, the anesthesia care team was exceptional."
  "Anesthesiologist was caring & didn't give me too much propofol & no valium."
  "My anesthesiologist was excellent, so was the nurse. They explained everything they were doing. I liked the fact that the anesthesiologist sat down in a chair putting her face close to mine with eye contact with compassion during my hesitation of having a spinal, since this would be my first."
  "Very improved & happy w/Dr. Linda Fagan. She expressed concern re: prior problems w/anesthesia, asked questions, LISTENED. The anesthesia went well w/no problems."


The initials in parenthesis ( ) is the Provider we have on record.  


 (AH) – Dr. Hanna was friendly and professional.   He is an asset to the practice. 

(FB) - My experience was great,   the anesthesiologist was very attentative and through.

(EL) – Above and beyond care was given to me!  Everything was thoroughly explained to me and I was greatly taken care of.

(AS) – Excellent, professional manner, Thank you.

(PG) – The anesthesia service has always been excellent, and I have never experienced a problem. 

(AH) – The doctors in this practice are always kind and well mannered.

(PG) – Praveen was very polite and professional.

(HM) – Team was very professional and well prepared for my needs.  Thank you guys so much.

(JS)  - Thank you for a good experience and very professional staff.

(AT) – You cannot improve on “perfect” for me all was perfect.

(AS) – Everyone was great very friendly made you feel at ease.

(RG) – I was relieved that the anesthesiologist could give me something for nausea.  He gave me an opportunity to ask questions prior to the surgery & reassured me that they would prevent the nausea that I’ve had before during other procedures.

(BG) – Robert Gumnit was great and made me feel calm knowing I was nervous.  Thanks again

(BG) – Dr. Gumnit was communicative, kind and caring preoperative and post.  He was clearly the best anesthesiologist I have dealt with ever!!  Kudos to him more doctors should be like him.

(LF) – Dr. Linda Fagan is the best.  I always feel confident when Dr. Fagan takes care of me.

(BG) – The doctor was fantastic answered all of my questions ever made small talk to calm my nervous much appreciated.

(BG) – Dr. Gumnit was very calming and professional.  I enjoyed his humor!

(PG) – Everything was excellent!  Please do not change anything.

(BG) -  The entire team was compassionate & caring to this nervous Nellie.  The doctor couldn’t have been nicer. Excellence all around.

(RG) -  I really can’t think of anything everyone’s was so pleasant and patient.   I almost forgot about what I was there for!!  Very pleased with the service!  I went in nervous and they helped all of that go away.  Thank you!  Great Staff!

(CT) -  I really feel all was done the best way it could have been done.  They explained everything and answered all my questions my anesthesiologist had an awesome sense of humor!  The hospital was awesome and the staff was the best!  Thanks for all

(JS) – I felt very well prepared for what would happen in the OR.  I awake early and without n/v the anesthesia nurse was very reassuring.

(RT) – I am an RN and worked in ICU 15 + years.  Dr. Thornton and the CRNA were fabulous.

(FB) – Dr. Balzer was very efficient in explaining his role in my procedure & I felt very comfortable with him.

(JS) – Jocelyn was my CRNA I had a fantastic experience under her and Dr. Schwartz care.

(JS) – The staff heard what I had to say, addressed my concerns assured me they will make me comfortable. Excellent doctor, nurses etc.   A+!   Thanks

(AT) – The anesthesiologist was tops.

(AS) – I just wish everywhere you go that you would be treated like your staff treats patients.

(AS) – Dr. Shah explained everything and was a very good anesthesiologist, as was my nurse, Maureen who prepped me.  

(AS) – Dr. Shah did an amazing job.    I was very comfortable and was explained everything before he started I feel safe!

(AS) – Dr. Shah was very good in explaining what he was going to do.  I felt very sure and safe, that was very kind.  Everyone from secretary to helpers, my experience again was very safe, caring, warm and understanding. 

(AS) – The anesthesia nurse Cathy, was wonderful.   She explained everything in detail & made sure I was calm & relaxed.

(SR) – My anesthesiologist was great; he made me feel comfortable about everything he and everybody else were going to do.   Well-mannered man, very educational and he are like me.    A great sense of humor! He was great.  Thank you Shilpa!   Keep up the great work you do.

(SR) – Dr. kept me well informed regarding the administration of anesthesia.  Her approach to me was very reassuring. One of the best pre- operative experiences ever.

(AH) – I am very pleased with the anesthesia services and Shannon Keck very grateful for their expertise and compassionate care.

(AH) – I really can’t say enough about Amir and his caring attitude toward me.   He made it seem I was his only patient which is important to each person having any surgery.  I hope I never have to have additional surgery but if I do I hope Amir is taking care of me.

(PG) – Dr. Gollapudi did a fine job.

(PG) – The staff was all so caring and friendly.  Everyone was so attentive to my needs and professional.  Thank you for making an unnerving procedure goes so smooth.

(PG) – I had a good experience did not get sick and everyone did a great job.

(RG) – The anesthesiologist wasn’t the friendliest, but the nurse anesthetist made up for that she was very kind and made me feel at ease.

(RG) – Anesthesia care team was very professional and caring loved them.

(RG) – No one “wants to have surgery, but if you have to do it. The anesthesiologist at ASC makes it as painless as possible.  Extremely helpful, knowledgeable and professional.

(BG) – Dr. Gumnit did an amazing job!   He was professional and courteous.   He also followed up with me the next day!   Great Anesthesia Care.  Thank you.

(BG) – Excellent care was provided by the anesthesiology team – very satisfied!

(FB) – My experience was wonderful.  This was the first time in my life that I didn’t get sick from the anesthesia.

(FB) – I like to Thank you Dr. Frederick Balzer for the amazing job.   Thank you so much!

(AB) – Dr. Bhagat was amazing with explaining the process before the surgery and then again right before starting the process.  There was some elevated activity that pushed my surgery back and I ended up seeing 3 doctors during my surgery and they were all very attentive and comforting.  

(AB) – Dr. Bhagat is a lovely caring professional care giver.   Catherine Dwosh is just the best!  Her smile, bright eyes and caring manner make you know you’re working with the best.  

(JS) – Joshua Schwartz was very professional and excellent across the board.

(AF) – Excellent Nurse Anesthetist very calming and the MD answered all my questions thoroughly.  Great Team!

(GD) – Greg Dodson and Shannon Keck Best Anesthesia team I’ve had.

(GD) – I wouldn’t change a thing A+ from me.   He answered all my questions I had very kind and understanding to me.

(AH) – Amir was excellent and very nice.

(AH) – Nothing from the experience everyone involved was great.   Great bedside Anesthesia!

(AH) – Thank you for making me feels safe and confident prior to my surgery.   It meant a lot to me.

(AT) – My anesthesia Dr. “Adam” was very professional caring and god bedside manner. He is an asset to your team.

(AT) – Adam is very personable.

(AT) – Thank you Adam and Dave

(LF) – Dr. Fagan and Maureen Richardson were very professional and proficient in their care.

(LB) – Very comforting, informative, and knowledgeable excellent nurse.

(SD) – Everything was handled in an excellent way all of staff was good.   

(HM) – Dr. Mendel is the best!  He held my hand there the entire surgery; I’m so glad he was there

(LF) – Drs. Were wonderful.  They were very pleasant and answered all of my questions.   I think they even humored me a little.